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Even though the Dogs of Elon (DOE) is a new type of cryptocurrency, many enthusiasts are curious about it. These people usually ask questions like “How to buy Dogs of Elon (DOE)” or “Where can I purchase DOE?” If you want to buy DOE but don’t know where to start, you can benefit from reading this article. We will show you the important steps related to buying DOE, as well as other relevant information.

Dogs of Elon (DOE) Buying Guide

Step 1: Register in An Exchange That Supports Dogelon Coinbase Token

First, you must create an account in an exchange that accepts Dogs of Elon (DOE). Right now, it’s a bit tricky to find a DOE-ready exchange because the token is still new.

Some of the exchanges that you can use are MEXC Global and These exchanges are known for their strong functionality, great security, and reasonable fees.

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  • Fees (Maker/Taker) : 0.2%*-0.2%*
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Registering to chosen exchange will take only a few minutes. To begin, you must enter your personal details such as full name, email address, and a password for your account. In some cases, the crypto exchange will prompt you to add a home address and a phone number.

Other cryptocurrency exchanges may require you to fill up a KYC (Know Your Customer) website form. The KYC process is a security option implemented by heavily regulated exchanges and marketplaces.

Step 2: Deposit Funds to Your Exchange Account

Before buying a Dogs of Elon (DOE) token, you must add funds to your exchange account. Depositing funds is easy because crypto exchanges allow users to purchase Dogs of Elon (DOE) through fiat money. Some of the best examples of fiat currency are AUD, EUR, and USD. You can also add funds through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and convenient electronic wallets.

Always remember that crypto exchanges have various payment methods. These methods might have higher fees than the ones you’re using. So, it is important to do your own research about the associated fees before depositing money.

Step 3: How to Buy Dogs of Elon (DOE) Immediately

Learning how to buy Dogs of Elon (DOE) is an easy process. The first thing you have to do is to go to an exchange’s search bar. The search bar is typically located at the top of the website page. Once you’ve located the search bar, start looking for Dogs of Elon (DOE). You can also search for Dogs of Elon (DOE) trading pairs. Once you’re done searching, just input the amount of DOE tokens that you want to buy.

You must always double-check the transaction details to see if everything is correct. Also, before the transaction, cryptocurrency exchanges might refer you to their exclusive wallet software. This wallet is important for storing your crypto coins and tokens. However, you’re always free to create an individual software wallet. If you have an extra budget, you can even purchase an encrypted hardware wallet with top-tier security.

Everything You Have to Know About Dogs of Elon (DOE)

The Dogs of Elon (DOE) token is a passion project borne out of the trappings of a meme. From its start as a memecoin, the Dogs of Elon (DOE) token eventually became a spearheader of charitable movements, utility services, and speculative trading strategies.

The main goal of the DOE’s creators is to empower a dynamic ecosystem of decentralized finance through collaborative work and blockchain transactions. Another supporting goal of the DOE community is the simplification of crypto transactions across all possible channels.

The Dogs of Elon (DOE) token is a direct companion to the aesthetic Dogs of Elon NFTs. Currently, the maximum supply level for DOE is 1 billion tokens with a liquidity rate of up to 15%. According to numerous experts, the DOE’s circulating supply is approximately 192,000,000 tokens.

If you’re planning to collect NFTs now or in the near future, you won’t be disappointed with the DOE repertoire. The DOE collection consists of less than 10,000 unique NFTs, all featuring the heads of adorable dogs and elegant pixelated versions of Elon Musk.

What Makes Dogs of Elon (DOE) Unique?

The DOE Team created a mobile-compatible blockchain game that allows users to control their Dogs of Elon NFTs. This is an entertaining aspect that brings back a deep level of agency to DOE buyers and users. By playing the DOE mobile game, you’re not just a crypto holder. Rather, you’re now part of a thriving virtual community bent on making significant changes. The Dogs of Elon mobile game will also have a Play-to-Earn method in due time.

As the later phases of the DOE ecosystem unfold, users and investors can enjoy multiple benefits such as higher NFT staking returns, continuous referral payouts, NFT marketplace, and diverse airdrop giveaways.

Who Are the Founders of Dogs of Elon (DOE)?

The Founding Team of Dogs of Elon (DOE) consists of Crypto President, Crypdoebags, Danny, Prash, and Brian Harrison. All of the DOE founders have contributed their skills to improve the Dogs of Elon community and lead the cryptocurrency into its profitable phases.

What Are the Use Cases of Dogs of Elon (DOE)?

Here are the common use cases of Dogs of Elon (DOE):

  • Speculative trading
  • NFT staking
  • NFT collecting
  • Dogs of Elon NFT game
  • Various incentives from many exchanges

Official website:

Essential Points of the Dogs of Elon (DOE)  Whitepaper

The DOE Whitepaper is short but concise and informational. The paper emphasized DOE’s focus on meme culture, collaboration, simplicity, and NFT collecting.

Check out the strong points of the Dogs of Elon (DOE) Whitepaper:

  • Token certification by CertiK
  • Charitable donations
  • Dogs of Elon NFT Collection
  • Dogs of Elon Mobile Game (to be P2E ready in the future)
  • Dedicated Dogs of Elon NFT Marketplace
  • Limited supply to keep DOE stable

The Best Cryptocurrency Wallet for Dogs of Elon (DOE)?

Now that you already know how to buy Dogs of Elon (DOE), you should think about the security of your cryptocurrencies next. Thanks to the Internet, you can always choose from dozens of available cryptocurrency wallets. Your personal trading habits can determine the type of crypto wallet that you need. Plus, your preferred security level is another important factor.

The first type of wallet that you’d encounter is a hot storage wallet. These wallets are also known as digital storage options. Since these wallets are linked online, you can always access them at any time. Digital wallets are variably cheaper than cold storage wallets because you can always register one for free. Somehow, hot wallets are vulnerable to online hacking. This is why you need to be extra careful while using a hot wallet. 

The second type of wallet is called cold storage wallet. Cold wallets are physical wallets with a high level of encryption. For an added security measure, you can store your cold wallet in a safety deposit box at home or at the nearest bank. Be careful not to misplace your physical crypto wallet!

What Factors Affect My Choice of Crypto Wallet for Dogs of Elon (DOE)?

Check out the essential factors affecting your choice of Dogs of Elon (Doe) wallet:

  • Are you into regular trading? If you answered YES, then a hot storage wallet is the best choice option. A hot wallet has a quick log-in method to your chosen crypto exchange. In less than a minute, the linked hot wallet will let you trade Dogs of Elon (Doe) immediately.
  •  Not all wallets accept all cryptocurrencies. The best crypto wallets are the ones compatible with a broad range of cryptos.
  •  When it comes to security matters, a cold storage wallet is better than a hot wallet. You just need to keep your private key or seed phrase in a highly secured location like a thick personal organizer or a custom metal box.
  • It’s always free to set up a hot wallet. On the opposite side, getting a cold wallet needs an initial investment that can push your budget up the roof.
  • Do you care for detailed technical analytics? In that matter, you’re a big winner with hot wallets. Basically, hot wallets can generate technical data and market insights to help support your speculative theories.

Ledger and Trezor – The Best Cold Storage Choices

After understanding the process of how to buy Dogs of Elon (DOE), you’re now probably aware of the importance of a high-quality cold storage wallet. Compared to free hot wallets, cold wallets have premium-grade security functions and long-term durability.

You can start your search with Ledger and Trezor brands.

Ledger is a popular brand because of its dependable security features. Through the Ledger setting, you can only send crypto if the storage is connected to a personal computer. Ledger storage products are also stylish and not bulky.

On the other hand, Trezor is a great choice for beginners. The Trezor UI is beginner-friendly, and the security level is strong. Some crypto enthusiasts also prefer Trezor’s aesthetics over Ledger’s style.

General Market Overview for Dogs of Elon (DOE)

Do you want to further understand Dogs of Elon (DOE) and its schematics? Check out our crypto blog for additional information and insights!

Inside our blog, you will find topics related to the following:

  • Trading speculation about Dogs of Elon (DOE) and other cryptos
  • Current market prices and rates
  • Detailed historical price charts
  • Whitepaper summaries and roadmap progress of many cryptos

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